Black Heart Patch Bullion

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Charles Nungesser flying with Escadrille N. 65 in his Nieuport and later his Spad adorned his aeroplanes with his personal insignia, symbols of ill omen, described below. He was the most colorful and one of the highest scoring French Aces with 45 victories. 

This fearless fighter pilot approached death more than any other in WWI: wounded 17 times. He was literally carried to his aeroplane many times and frequently flew combat in great pain due to wounds not yet healed.

He actually arranged a freelance commission unattached to any escadrille. Based at a hospital he flew successful combat. He well could have been the highest scoring ace if not for the frequency and severity of his wounds.

When on leave in Paris, Nungesser met Mati Hari. It was common knowledge she was a double agent. She naively believed his tale of a new secret French plane with 8 supercharged engines.

Attempting the first Paris to New York Atlantic crossing shortly before Lindbergh's successful flight, he was never seen again.

Skull & Crossbones, burning candles, coffin on black heart. 

Size 4" x 4" Silver Bullion on Black Background.