1000w AC 3 phase Wind Mill With 3 blades

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Hot selling 1kw Wind Mill. Look, any power generation that costs under $1.25 a watt is a good deal. A grid tie, solar panel or windmill are in that price range. So depending on if you are charging batteries or connecting to the grid, the price will be about double for grid over battery not counting cost of batteries. 

So a 1kw windmill is an excellent value for those in area's with a good average wind at the amazing price of $0.65 per watt. 

Model Number: NE-1000M5
Type: Wind Power Generator
is_customized: Yes
Rated power: 1000W
Maximum power: 1050W
Rated voltage: 24V/48V
Start-up wind speed: 2.5m/s
Rated wind speed: 12.5m/s
Survival wind speed: 40m/s
Top net weight: 28kg
Length of blades: 1.15m
Generator type: Three phase permanent magnet AC synchronous generator
Magnet material: NdFeB
Generator case: Casting aluminum alloy
Control system: Electromagnet/wind wheel yaw
Speed regulation: Automatically adjust windward direction
Design lifeDesign life: 20 y
Certificates: CE, ISO14001, ISO 9001, TUV