About Us

The Company of Eagles was originally founded by Robert Bergsmann in 1985 in Alameda, CA. His son Bobby was my best friend so I was around quite a bit in the early days of the company. 

Robert was an USAAF Veteran. He started off with a bullion patch line and expanded it to include pins. Later he started to create molds of original pieces and cast his own reproductions. We still have some of that inventory and will be offering part of that collection.

Both Robert and Bobby have passed on and I was asked to continue the tradition of bringing products to market where there is a demand and offer them for sale. That part of the business is on hold at the current time as we expand into Officially Licensed military insignia and grow that aspect of the business. 

My background has been in marketing and the decorated apparel industry. I have decided to consolidate that company into The Company of Eagles and offer the products online that I have sold at events and gun shows for the last 12 years. 

The Bergsmann's had an extensive wholesale business that fell by the wayside when Bobby, who was running the company fell ill with cancer in 2013. We will be offering wholesale pricing on our in house products as they come available. The Bergsmann's didn't use technology and when I arrived after Bobby's passing to take over the company, I was looking at boxes of files and hand written notes that have taken years to decipher.

So here we are today with a mix of both worlds of Bobby and Jake coming together to make TCoE what it is to become. Jake is an education policy researcher educated by Charlotte Iserbyt.  Jake has a self taught engineering background and has spent years as a Motorsports Professional. Jake received a Civilian Navy Commendation for those engineering skills in 1982. 

The Company has a love of country and constitution and is carrying out the mission to provide information and products that preserve the republic and individual liberties. To be self reliant and personally responsible. We appear at gun shows to market and inspire patriots to never forget to self govern. 

It is our hope that TCoE can be a friend that is always there to listen and be an important part of the American traditions. American is a great country that is in a fight for her life. The education system has been co-opted by radicals at the very top and the hard working teachers have been duped with Common Core and Social Engineered tests that are turning out Marxist soldiers. Lets partner with the teachers by sharing what you learn here to help them understand how to circumvent what has become animal training in the classroom.  "Old School" teachers are fighting this every day and need help from families to give the children a fighting chance at escaping the interdependent mindset the agenda calls for.

So I welcome you to the Company of Eagles family of informed patriots. Eagles are a symbol of freedom that soars to great heights, and that is what we will do by becoming informed instead of programmed. Don't be a parrot. Be an eagle...