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Charlotte Iserbyt, Democratic Socialism Revealed, Jake Speed, Red Flag Laws -

The Human Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste... Our public and now private systems of education are under attack like never before. they have been usurped not so much by teachers, but the political and mental health institutions.  A great friend and mentor of mine is Charlotte Iserbyt. She literally wrote the book on this subject, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America".  Much of what I will bring you comes from her and my observations as a school board member of the inside workings of education today. Bookmark this site also. Go through the archives and discover the...

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Charlotte Iserbyt, Democratic Socialism Revealed, Education Policy, Gun Confiscation, Red Flag Laws -

This blog over time is going to take you on a journey of your mind.   

I would like to share a main library I use for documents and information that will change the way you think. Why do I say that? Because I know, it happened to me. The Iserbyt's have over many decades collected papers, books and many other important items of informational interest. 

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As someone who is a DIY Extremist, I want to start sharing some information that I pick up as I am planning on future projects. I have always been fascinated with batteries. Starting in the 60's with the expansion of battery operated devices like radios and toys.  I had a slot car track and train stuff and they had DC output transformers to operate those motorized hobbies. My attempts to extend the life of batteries was a lot more dangerous, now that I look back, than I realized at the time.  So moving on to today, I want to share...

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Charlotte Iserbyt, Democratic Socialism Revealed, Education Policy, Gun Confiscation, Jake Speed, Red Flag Laws -

PLEASE , , , Join Eva along with her co -hosts Jim Gray and Michael Conoley on tonight's episode of OUReality Radio, Disarmament of a Society Pt 2, with guest Jake Speed. 

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This is the first blog post to let you know what we're up to. I, Jake Speed, am the heir apparent of The Company of Eagles.  Bringing the company that was formed in a basement of a house in Northern California in 1985 into the 21st century. Robert Bergsman and his son Bobby were the founders. Both have since passed away far too young, related  to cancer.So as Bobbies best friend of over 35 years I was blessed to be able to carry on The Company of Eagles. I am an education advocate educated by Charlotte Iserbyt and many of...

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