Trump and Bernie Have Something In Common

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Trump and Bernie Have Something In Common

What? You read that right. I said that Trump and Bernie have something in common. They are offering bribes to voters. Yep. Trump is a huge advocate of giving away free money.

But Jake, that can't be you say. I say, but it's true. Let me explain how these two dots on the presidential landscape are connected. Bernie is promising a free college education for all. Right? Yeah, but what does that have to do with Trump?

I will get to that. Bernie is a "Democratic Socialist" (Code Speak: Communist) He likes to play the role of Robin Hood and take from the rich and give to the poor. Or so it seems. Huh? Well it takes a village to raise a child. So the village will pay for that child to go to school. And that child will become a happy and productive worker.

Trump is a "Conservative Republican" No code speak for that, it is what it is. Trump likes to play business man. So it seems. Huh? Well, actually Trump likes to use the same Robin Hood tactic as Bernie. What, no way. Yes way.

Goes like this:

Trump is redistributing wealth across voting lines and eroding representative government. He is adding to the future generations debt by borrowing the money to redistribute. In doing so he is eroding competition. He is redistributing wealth from local tax payer owned institutions to private companies. 

That's not all. Trump is also bribing voters with borrowed money the tax payers have to pay back with interest. He's promising massive government benefits. And what is really crazy to me is that just like the Bernie crowd, Trump supporters have their hands out asking for free money!

What am I talking about? Ok, I'll be blunt, School Choice". Yep. School choice shows that the Trump right is in alignment with the Bernie left when it comes to free money. If you support School Choice you are part of the free money crowd. Sorry to make you realize that, but it's true. 

If you have read my previous articles you know about the funding trail. I will dig deeper on sharing that with you but I am sharing a journey that I started over 10 years ago. The one that brought me to now. The one that showed me how the foundation of the Republic has crumbled through public education.

I want to thank those who are following this series of articles I am writing so you can hopefully be entertained and gain more knowledge. I love to teach and I really love to build things. I want to build a friendship through the love I have for my country and it's free thinking people. 

That is why I have to bring what I know is tough news. That which sounds good, often, isn't what it's proposed as, especially when it's coming from government. You have to understand the powerful influences that have been molding your thinking. Great people with great hearts have beliefs that sometimes are false, not because of ignorance, but lack of factual information.

Keep an open mind. I want to give you this promise, I will always strive to get you the most accurate information possible. That is an ever changing thing as new information surfaces. The documents at American Deception are full of information I will be bringing you.

Trump, and especially his supporters need to end support of School Choice because it is Marxist and smells too much like Bernie Sanders. It absorbs the private schools into the public system and that includes Social Emotional scoring under Common Core. School Choice is a trap we must avoid because it will be at all costs.

THERE WILL BE NOWHERE LEFT TO GO! (Accept Homeschooling)

Essentially Bernie and the left are offering their own version of School Choice that isn't a voucher system. It's open enrollment where you can apply for any school you want across district lines. Again eroding representation....

RESIST SCHOOL CHOICE.....................

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