The End Of Catholic/Religious Private Education.

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The End Of Catholic/Religious Private Education.

I am not one who willingly mixes religion with politics. In our Republic it is a duty to be politically active as that is the only means of self governance. You have to participate. But religion is something that falls under Liberty. The individual right to choose your belief system. I don't like to infringe that Liberty.  

So why am I posting this video about the Pope speaking of the announcement of a global meeting on education? Because it's education. Well it's actually called training by the Pope. Today's atmosphere of using vouchers to "Create Choice" in education is a myth. This video if proof positive that choice is the elimination of choice. 

How is that you ask? Watch the video and very carefully listen to the words you are reading in the subtitles. Talk of a village and global influence. Business playing a role.  Isn't that what Marx prescribes in his Planks? A collective and the village being responsible for the children. And business merging with education? 

How is this any different than public education today? What I see when I use my "follow the money" principles, is a Pope chasing voucher money for the Catholic coffers. His speech here is in direct alignment with the international common core and interdependent mindset that dominated public education. 

These alignments are necessary to qualify for the voucher funding. Alignment with social and emotional testing that measures attitudes (subjectively) with international standards. To actually merge religions into a one world religion that is actually state-ism. 

Your children's attendance in Catholic school today is nothing more than a public school with prayer. And don't expect that to last. It can't. The left is just waiting for the religious schools to be so entrenched in vouchers that once they can't survive without them, the removal of God will become mandatory. 

My advice is don't fall into the phony choice trap because doing so is only looking skin deep at the requirements of current laws and policies. Remember, what the government funds, the government controls. 

All you have to know is the Department of Education budget is discretionary. If you don't follow the rules, you don't get the money. Federal mandates increase the mandatory compliance spending of any funding received by 500% That means you have to spend $1.00 for every $0.20 you accept in grants.

You can not be an advocate for children by borrowing money against the very future you are claiming to be nurturing. Taking federal education grants by every state is literally creating debt slaves and declaring our children as nothing more than human capital to be exploited by the government and banks that own them...

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