The Democrats Are The Party Of Sedition.

The Democrats Are The Party Of Sedition.

We are in the 11th hour of the Republic. It is in danger and time is running out. Will patriotic Americans, especially Republicans end their childish collectivism of dividing themselves over single issues? Will they come together and end the petty bickering? Will they open their minds and become educated about how education has destroyed this country? It's in our hands.
Can they come together behind the information that one of America's greatest Patriots has devoted her life to provide us? Can they admit what they don't know? Nobody knows everything so get over yourselves and admit that most people just don't have a clue why our schools are failing us.
They think they know it all. It's the democrats, the teachers, the unions, yada yada yada...
We've tried everything else. Now try listening to the whistle blower who blew the door off of the safe. Seek advice. Seek knowledge. Escape the confines of being led down the wrong path. Change directions and see the light. Discover what Charlotte Iserbyt has been telling the world for 40 years. 
To modify a phrase, It's The Education Stupid...
The Democratic debates have become a televised and promoted by the media to showcase what the overthrow of a Republic looks like. Beto calling for the disarming of lawful Americans. He flat out stated HE not Congress will take away your right to defend yourself from the unlawful.  That means executive order.
That stage is covered with seditious traitors who won't be seen with the American flag because it offends globalists. Nationalism and American pride has become hated by those who have lived under it's freedoms and protections. How dare they dishonor those who died so they can stand on a stage applying for a job that only exists because of those who died by keeping it standing. 
Here is the history of the why the Star Spangle Banner was written. The ungrateful rich bastards at sporting events who refused to appear or stand during it's play should all lose their jobs because they don't deserve to get paid when they dishonor what enabled them to be where they are. The ones running for president are even worse
 This is from Find Law: Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison and it refers to the act of inciting revolt or violence against a lawful authority with the goal of destroying or overthrowing it.
The constitution is that authority and BOTH parties have members who should be on trial. Every unconstitutional law is an act of Sedition when done with intent. The list of 45 called for the end of the Anti American Activities committee in Congress and it succeeded. Joe McCarthy was right. The man was a hero. 
Democrat run cities will be even more dangerous if Trump is reelected. They will be the epicenters of mass violence and will disrupt distribution of food and supplies to the rest of the country. Anybody within 200 miles of these urban centers will be at risk of looting and violence. You have just about a year to get prepared.
The Company of Eagles is stocking up on preparedness items and information to increase your chance of survival in these coming years. I hope these crazies are just blowing smoke, but with the uptick in mass violence we have seem from leftists, we ALL better make sure we are prepared just in case the worst happens...
There is a reason they want us disarmed. It's not because of leftist violence. Just the opposite. I believe It's because they want to win the coming war in the streets that is inevitable if they can't get themselves under control.
Public schools are cranking out Marxist soldiers like Hitler and Stalin's youth's. It took 5 years from the time Pavlov was mandated in the classroom until the first mass school shooting. ESSA was passed in 2015, 5 years will be 2020, the most crucial election of this century so far.
ANTIFA has declared war against all business owners and conservatives starting November 4th. My question is, will history repeat itself?

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