The Company of Eagles 2.0

The Company of Eagles 2.0

This is the first blog post to let you know what we're up to. I, Jake Speed, am the heir apparent of The Company of Eagles.  Bringing the company that was formed in a basement of a house in Northern California in 1985 into the 21st century.

Robert Bergsman and his son Bobby were the founders. Both have since passed away far too young, related  to cancer.So as Bobbies best friend of over 35 years I was blessed to be able to carry on The Company of Eagles.

I am an education advocate educated by Charlotte Iserbyt and many of her research associates. I will be presenting documentation and historical facts and reports. Those will paint a picture puzzle one piece at a time.

I will be providing radio interviews and video presentations to educate our Patriot friends. Of course we will be bringing you a store that will provide products to get out the truth. Also the preparation products in case of civil unrest that could be in the future if our path isn't restored to at least a somewhat constitutional government.

Thanks for stopping in and hope to become friends and allies in the march to restore liberty and free market capitalism.


Jake Speed

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