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Another Interest Of Mine, That Once Invested In, Can Save $$$

I am always looking for ways to keep more of what comes in. It's how we can gain individual freedoms and keep more of what we earn.

One of my latest interests is in using waste oil as a means of heating my work shop. I must enter into this disclaimer right now. You can burn your house or shop down very easily or even die if you do not observe safety rules and common sense. You do this at your own risk and as all individuals should be, you are responsible for your own actions.

I have placed an advertisement on Craigslist that I collect waste oil and will pick it up for free. I suggest at this point that you be prepared to store at least 1000 gallons before placing the ad. I had room for about 400 and it was discovered in the first 48 hours that would not be enough. 

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