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  It seems that every day there is some professor giving an opinion and in some cases the media is giving them a platform. In this instance I found I have never been a fan of Twitter but as of late I may have to change my opinion on that . I started to follow the "Subject" of "Home Schooling" at Twitters suggestion. In this case I am glad I took them up on it. I saw an article that stated that a Harvard professor has stated that home schooling was dangerous for children. How could that be? Well to...

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On both sides of the political aisle, workforce-training reforms are being touted as the be-all, end-all of America’s public education system. Right-wing “school choice” proponents, such as President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, push corporate charter school programs with workforce-training curriculums. Left-wing “community schooling” advocates, such as Democratic Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Julián Castro, push “lifelong-learning” programs with school-to-work curriculum's. Both “conservatives” and “liberals” concur: the purpose of public education is workforce development.

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About 10 years ago when I was a Tea Party organizer I was invited to an Americans for Prosperity even that had several Wisconsin state legislators as speakers. One of the presenters passed around a flier that talked about the democrats favorite Alinsky Tactics. While the speaker was talking about all of this, I had been writing down all of the tactics stated on the flier that prior speakers had used. Over half of them had been checked off. So when the speaker was taking questions, I raised my hand to speak. The person with the microphone came to me...

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What? You read that right. I said that Trump and Bernie have something in common. They are offering bribes to voters. Yep. Trump is a huge advocate of giving away free money. But Jake, that can't be you say. I say, but it's true. Let me explain how these two dots on the presidential landscape are connected. Bernie is promising a free college education for all. Right? Yeah, but what does that have to do with Trump? I will get to that. Bernie is a "Democratic Socialist" (Code Speak: Communist) He likes to play the role of Robin Hood and...

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I am not one who willingly mixes religion with politics. In our Republic it is a duty to be politically active as that is the only means of self governance. You have to participate. But religion is something that falls under Liberty. The individual right to choose your belief system. I don't like to infringe that Liberty.   So why am I posting this video about the Pope speaking of the announcement of a global meeting on education? Because it's education. Well it's actually called training by the Pope. Today's atmosphere of using vouchers to "Create Choice" in education is a myth....

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