Off Grid For DIY Starting With Batteries

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Off Grid For DIY Starting With Batteries

As someone who is a DIY Extremist, I want to start sharing some information that I pick up as I am planning on future projects. I have always been fascinated with batteries. Starting in the 60's with the expansion of battery operated devices like radios and toys. 

I had a slot car track and train stuff and they had DC output transformers to operate those motorized hobbies. My attempts to extend the life of batteries was a lot more dangerous, now that I look back, than I realized at the time. 

So moving on to today, I want to share what I think is a good video to get us all started on some upgrades and improvements. Maybe a storage bank for off grid built up over time. Or rebuilding those old drills with nothing more than a battery swap. Or building an electric bike and battery you can charge with solar panels. 

So here is a short video on how you can learn how to solder battery packs together. 


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