Home Schooling Under Attack By Harvard Professor as Being "Dangerous"

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Home Schooling Under Attack By Harvard Professor as Being "Dangerous"

  It seems that every day there is some professor giving an opinion and in some cases the media is giving them a platform. In this instance I found I have never been a fan of Twitter but as of late I may have to change my opinion on that . I started to follow the "Subject" of "Home Schooling" at Twitters suggestion. In this case I am glad I took them up on it.

I saw an article that stated that a Harvard professor has stated that home schooling was dangerous for children. How could that be? Well to conclude I will just say that it is her fear that a parent may subject their children to to "The Bible" instead of actual science. Yep. Can you believe that actual reading of a subject not available in a public school could be dangerous?

No wonder kids and parents won't listen to facts that don't come from government institutions or main stream media. But then again those institutions aren't providing many facts at all. Just propaganda. They have convinced the sheeple that doing so is "Dangerous". To who? Them? Don't want parents and children forming their own ideas. That's bad for the business of dumbing down. And man do they make money doing that. WAY too much money in fact...

I will be honest here and say that I didn't really dig into all the opinions of the source material. I will provides links below so you can see this and judge for yourselves. But in doing so, remember that up is down, everything is in a mirror, the sky is green, the grass is blue unless your in Kentucky, then who knows. 

Here are the source materials:

Gateway Pundit 

Harvard Review

Law Review

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