A New Take On An Old Picture..

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A New Take On An Old Picture..

 There comes a time in every persons life that they have to accept facts. It can be difficult for many. But I have to ask. Can you be an intelligent individual if you refuse to explore and learn facts? One can only learn and grow if they let their curiosity explore when a person is presented with new information.

 Today we have a media and education system that seems to have lost track of this long held element of truth and fact checking. Facebook has adopted fact checkers who have no proven qualifications to do so. For a time, the FBI relied on Southern Poverty Law Center to supply vetted information that was never vetted, The FBI fortunately saw the light and stopped using them.

 I have friends who are presenting facts to their other friends that refute statements from the CDC, DHHS, WHO and others who have presented conflicting information in their own statements. This is well documented. Pointing out these conflicts triggers them. They are attacked with extreme anger and hate. Some of them life long friends have become seemingly mortal enemies. Over what? showing facts?

 When government agencies conflict their own statements it needs to be brought to the attention to those who are scared out of their wits by watching the fake news. This whole agenda has been played out Operation Mockingbird. People need to ask questions. You can not possibly know what without knowing why. 

 We need to bring back that 5 year old that always asked why. America and the world has lost that. Operand Conditioning has removed free will as my great friend Charlotte Iserbyt has spoken and written about for decades. Free will is what separates the animals from the people.

Critical Thinking has become the order of the day. Before you attack that, you need to know that it is an institutional agenda to promote a limited form of thinking that is critical of facts that do not come from government or people with paper on the wall. Which means government approved mouth pieces. is only one of many examples of who and what is behind the Marxist agenda known as Critical Theory. Please do your own research. I am only providing clues as to what is going on. Watch your school board meetings. Show up and ask questions about what they mean by advancing Critical Thinking. Know what it means so when they hide the facts you can ask them why and what they are afraid of the people knowing the truth. 

Jake Speed 

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